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what is iThink

A good Marketing Navigation System shows a Marketer where one is and how to get where one wants to be most effectively and safely

What is iThink?

iThink provides Social Media Monitoring Tools and Digital Consulting Services.

In today’s ever-changing and highly competitive environment, organizations face many challenges that are too complex to solve with gut-driven decision making.

iThink is a GPS for marketing; we call it a Marketing Navigation System.

The Marketing Navigation System is a set of tools and methods providing marketers with actionable insights generated from social marketing intelligence and big data analytics.

The system gathers essential market intelligence by monitoring, filtering and analyzing the interactions and engagements among people and organizations on social media and online communities.

The data driven insights help marketers determine where to go and how to get there. Marketers need the essential insights and feedback loops to uncover opportunities, fend off competition and to avoid strategic and tactical errors. The system also helps organizations prevent and manage crisis by detecting early warning signs.

In addition to providing market intelligence to the businesses, iThink also works with marketers to select the tools and methods to overcome the marketers’ challenges.

Marketers are welcome to contact iThink for a diagnosis of their business without charge to see if any tools or methods (not necessary provided by iThink) can solve the marketers’ problems.